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On a mission to create a world where digital nomads and remote workers are empowered, connected, and inspired to embrace the limitless possibilities of a location-independent lifestyle. Connect with a vibrant global community that values collaboration, camaraderie, personal growth, and the spirit of wanderlust.

What is Borderless Explorer?

Our vision is to become the world's go-to hub for digital nomads and remote workers—where epic adventures, WiFi passwords, and friendships are shared with love. We're building several nomad-centric products and experiences to help you get where you want to go and connect with like-minded location-independent humans.



Get tips, ideas, and resources via our newsletter and blog. Learn about the latest digital nomad visas or how to hack airline WiFi.



The Borderless Explorer app is a hub for discovering where to live in each city, local coworking spaces, the best coffee, and some other stuff.



We're creating global and digital spaces where nomads can find each other. We'll also organize in-person meetups in popular cities.

Meet Matt

Hey! I'm Matt—the human behind Borderless Explorer. I founded this global enterprise (just kidding, it's only me) to solve a problem I've had for years as a digital nomad—struggling to find nomad-friendly resources in one organized space. I use a combination of Google Maps, blog articles, and social media to get a lay of the land, find out where to stay, local coworking spaces, coffee shops, gyms, etc. Borderless Explorer brings all the nomad essentials into one hub—a digital nomad app designed for digital nomads by a digital nomad! I'm also building a community component—Borderless Buddies—where you can find local nomad communities. We'll also organize events in major cities and have regular virtual meetups to create a curated, vibrant community built on shared values.

I'd be honored if you'd join me on this epic adventure of chaotic fun. I want to meet everyone face-to-face, so after signing up, you can book a 15-minute meeting to shoot the shit and say hi (but only if you want to😉). You know what to do 👇

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